Brand Your Business

With Our Iconic Logo Design

Why do you need a catchy logo?

Because they grab attention, make a strong first impression, they kick-off the whole look for your “brand,” they help people notice you and – more importantly – REMEMBER you, plus come back to your business time and time again. A great logo separates you from the amateurs, establishing you as the pro you are. Here are some of our samples:

catchy logo design in my area

Our logo design prices vary by the needs of your project. If you would like several original designs to choose from, select our “Logo Design Package” below. If you already have a concept you know you want, but you just need it “built” in the right file format, select the “Logo Producer Package” below:

A note about cheapo logo design providers out there:

You get what you pay for. There are VERY talented people all around the world, and they probably charge less because they live in a different country. If it is important for you to keep jobs in the USA, use us. We don’t outsource. If you have to save $$ and outsource because of your budget, we understand. One thing we never do is “pimp-out designers” by having them submit designs “for free” in hopes they might get chosen and paid. That is a really smarmy way of treating artists and we commit to never doing that.

Logo Producer Package

We produce YOUR concept
  • This package is for you, if you already have your idea fleshed-out at least roughly (like with a sketch or equivalent)
  • We charge $40/hr for labor, with the $80 deposit (listed above) reflecting our 2-hour minimum
  • We “produce” your idea for you by building it in the proper file formats and sizes you’ll need
  • Up to two rounds of revisions
  • File formats: eps, ai, jpg, png
  • A pdf “cheatsheet” on which of your final logo files is best to use where (ie: online vs. printed)

When you purchase online, you will only be charged for the 50% deposit (or $80 minimum, in the case of the “Logo Producer Package.”) After purchase, we will email and/or call you to find out all about your business… the image you want to convey… the colors you prefer… the mood… etc. No worries! We have many testimonials of very happy clients who can tell you how happy they were with our designs.