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“Get The Word Out” Bundle

Includes a Custom Website, Eye-Catching Brochure Design, Full Color Flyer, and a Bonus Item (eg: Logo!)

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Package Includes:

Clean, Modern Website

  • 6-8 Total Pages/Posts
  • Responsive Design! – This means it adapts for Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile Devices
  • You OWN Your Site! Companies like Weebly, GoDaddy and SquareSpace offer sites that are only yours while you pay a monthly subscription. If you stop subscribing, you could lose your site. Don’t risk that!
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Full Color Flyer

Tell people about your Grand Opening, a property you just sold, or a special sale you have going on. Flyers are great for getting that urgent message out to the public quickly. And… when we design it, you know it will be eye-catching and memorable!

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TriFold Brochure

A brochure is your opportunity to let people know about what you do, and why they need YOU. List your benefits and features that set your company apart with testimonials and good photography so people can easily see why your business is the BEST.

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Bonus Item

Your Bonus Item can be a Logo, Postcard, Business Card, or even a Magnet Sign for your car – great for Realtors!

Bonus Item can be a Postcard up to 6×9″, Magnet Sign for your vehicle, Business Card, or Logo. Printing not included. We can consider a substitute bonus project if your idea is different from the suggested but similar in labor time.


marketing bundle sale website brochure flyer logo

The Magical Marketing Bundle Includes the following with these specifications:


Shall be a custom WordPress Website, and the pages/posts typically include Home, About, Contact, Blog List (a blog list is where all the most recent blog snippets are shown), up to 3 Blog Posts themselves (a Blog post is like an “article.” So it would appear within the Blog List page as a snippet, and a user clicks on it to read the full article, which is the Blog Post. Up to three are provided in this package).

That totals 7 standard pages, so there is another additional page you can do – such as a Video Gallery, Picture Gallery, Services Page, etc, as examples.

Say, for example, you don’t have blog posts (aka “articles”) to post. We can instead make each blog post one of the services you offer. That way, we can best allocate your site’s 6-8 total pages to be the best showcase of your business… what makes the most sense for you. Each business is different, so we will discuss with you before starting.

The client must provide YouTube urls for any videos you want to place on the site, and client must also provide any specific pictures you want on the site. Other photography we use will either be from our own internal stock collection or pexels.com which is free and royalty-free. The site would be “responsive” – which means it adapts its sizes and stacking of items to look best on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices.

This package DOES include functionality for automatic backups, image caching and compression, and two years of the Divi theme (the divi theme costs approximately $89/year, so two years after your project’s start-date, you will be billed Divi’s current theme price in order to keep using the theme. This is a 3rd party service and can be paid to Divi’s parent company if you prefer).

This package DOES include making the site SEO-friendly (but not actual SEO itself which is a long-term process done by specialty companies). SEO-friendly means that we use proper title-tags, structure, alt text, and name jpgs according to alt text/keywords, and we enter you into Bing & Google search indexes, plus install Google Analytics onto your site.

This package DOES NOT include SEO itself — seo is a very long-term strategy that involves blogging, backlinking, syndication, on a continual basis for years, and companies specialize in it.

This package also DOES NOT include logo creation unless that’s the bonus item you choose 🙂

Lastly, this package DOES NOT include special retouching, or eCommerce. If you would like to have eCommerce or retouching done, we can do that. But it will require a special pricequote.

A note about Landing Page style websites – some people choose to have their entire site on one long landing page. We can do that, but the landing page’s content and length must be equivalent to the “6-8 pages total” limitation of the bundle.

DOMAINS (url’s)
If you do not have a domain name yet (a url), please don’t buy it yet. Let us help you choose and register it. We use dreamhost and prefer the ease-of-use for their domain registrations and email addresses. We prefer that you NOT use GoDaddy or NameCheap since they have difficult interfaces.

HOSTING: All websites require a hosting plan. You can use us (we charge $11.99/mo on our VPS hosting plan) OR you can choose another host such as Dreamhost, Bluehost, GoDaddy, etc. We HIGHLY suggest using us for hosting because your email addresses will be free. Other companies like GoDaddy charge for every single email address. When you have a company with employees, that adds up! GoDaddy also constantly upcharges by making hosting plan upgrades necessary. Although these cheaper providers may look cheap in the beginning, they add up over time!

IF you decide to use your own hosting company, you must provide us with the FTP login. Not SFTP or anything else, it must be an FTP login with a username and a password and a port, if needed. You will probably have to contact your host to find out this information.

Client will be given access to a shared Dropbox folder where they can submit copy, images, video urls, and social media urls they would like to have on the site.

VERY IMPORTANT: the client must make TIMELY feedback on the site. Therefore, we require your response to all our emailed/phone “requests for information” within 3 business days. For example, we ask you for your bio and contact information for your “About Page” on a Monday morning. We would want your reply by Thursday morning so that we can move forward. This is so that a website project does not go “dormant” by way of non-responses. So please do your best to provide feedback on text, design or images within 3 business days of being asked.

We understand that you are a busy person and many times, you may not have a lot of free time to write your own text within the 3 day window – in these cases, we will provide “filler text” (fake latin) which will go on to the site, and you can replace this with your own custom text once you have time to write it. There are many “how-to” videos online of how to edit text in a wordpress website running the Divi theme, so we believe you should be able to do this easily. Indeed, the Divi theme prides itself on being very easy for the average layperson to do easy changes. But, if you have difficulty, we can assist at $50/hour, our standard a la carte services rate.



This design will be done according to if it will be printed at a Staples (since Staples is pretty local to everyone). If you are printing it on your own printer, the colors will not “bleed” to the edge. There will be a white, non-printable area. So we will design this piece keeping text and important graphics away from the edges as much as possible, to accommodate most printers. Client must provide desired text, logos, contact information and specific pictures. Other photography we use will come from our own internal stock collection or pexels.com. The same feedback stipulations apply as mentioned above under the website project.



This design will be at standard letter size. If you are an international client and use A4 instead of the USA 8.5×11″ size, please let us know ahead of time. In order to accommodate the possibility of you printing your own flyers or taking them to a place like Staples to be printed, we will keep photos, important graphics, and text as far away from the edges as possible where it looks good, but it’s not in danger of being cut off. This flyer will be 1-sided. Client must provide desired text, logos, contact information and specific pictures. Other photography we use will come from our own internal stock collection or pexels.com. The same feedback stipulations apply as mentioned above under the website project.



The bonus item chosen can either be either a

  • Postcard (up to 6×9 inches), or
    full color on front, b/w on back. A standard USPS white/clear label area will be left blank for the mailing address and postage.
  • Magnet Sign for your Vehicle, or
    17.6 x 11.5 inches (this is a typical size as listed by Vistaprint). If you need a different size, please tell us upfront.
  • Business Card (2 sided okay), or
  • Logo
    You will be give 3-5 black & white (plain) logo designs to choose from. Once you choose from the one you like, we will create the final color vector version you can use with almost any needed advertising (we will provide you a vector eps, an rgb jpg, and a transparent png file)

Client must provide desired text, logos, contact information and specific pictures. Other photography we use will come from our own internal stock collection or pexels.com. The same feedback stipulations apply as mentioned above under the website project.



The timeline of this package typically takes 2-4 weeks to fulfill. We require a 50% deposit before we start (so if you are mailing a check, we would not start until we received the check. If you pay by credit card, we can get started sooner, but it will have a 2.9% processing fee (3.9% for int’l transactions).

We require Milestone billing during the timeline as well — so that your payments always keep pace with our our progress on the project. So depending on how quickly we are going, you may have one or two “milestone” payments after the deposit. Finally, about 3 days before we finalize all our deliverables, you will be billed the balance so that the project is paid in full at launch. IMPORTANT NOTE: if client does not provide needed text, the website will still launch using the “fake latin” filler text for the interim. The client will have access to be able to replace that text at their leisure any time they want to in the future, but our labor time would be complete.

In brief, this is the way payment is done:

  • a 50% deposit to start
  • Milestone 1 payment
  • possible Milestone 2 payment, and
  • Balance

We accept credit cards with the standard fees (domestic: 2.9% + .30 USD; international: 3.9% + .30USD), or checks payable to Graphic Alchemy Design.


As a small business owner, you have to find a way to get the word out so that new customers can FIND you.


Let us help!

We design the marketing you need to get noticed and remembered: custom websites, brochures, logos, flyers, business cards, facebook ads, and even signs for your car… everything you need to look like the pro you are.

Don’t DIY.

People know what a professional website looks like. Does yours look like it’s 1999? Did your nephew design your brochure? A lot of people hate posting to Social Media for their business, but we all learned during lockdown that we needed to have a vibrant online presence so we could adapt and stay open during Covid. So get started! DON”T WAIT.

Featured Testimonial

Myla Patton, of Patton International Properties writes:

My Father, who was a Major in the Army, always told me this: “We all have special and great talents. Use yours wisely and share them plentifully. When you have a task that is not in your mental or physical wheelhouse or arena… Always hire the very best in that field!” I did just that and found in Graphic Alchemy’s unparalleled graphic designs along with their many other creative endeavors! My father also said “GO 1st Class, BE 1st Class and always LOOK 1st Class. Pay to have that done… you will save yourself a lot of money and turmoil!”

Graphic Alchemy Design is an amazing company!!! They are dynamic creators and designers of marketing magic!!

~ Myla Patton
Owner/Founder of Patton International Properties

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